Why do I need a MOSFET regulator?

There are two primary reasons for upgrading to a MOSFET regulator: improved charging system performance through more accurate voltage regulation, and long-term reliability.  

Improved charging system performance

We all know that high quality powersports batteries are not cheap! If you have a nice ride, you probably have a nice battery, and want to keep it that way.  A MOSFET regulator upgrade significantly improves the life of your battery through more accurate voltage regulation. Batteries are very sensitive to the voltage they see from your charging system. A powersports charging system increases its power output with RPM, and the sustained peak voltages produced at high RPM can damage a battery by overcharging if the regulator does not perform well.  A standard voltage regulator is fairly inefficient, and can cause unstable battery voltages as it switches on and off. This can result in some peak voltages higher than the battery can handle, which can lead to damaged cells over time.  A MOSFET regulator is much more efficient and accurate in its regulation, reliably keeping battery voltage in the ideal range for maximum charging and reliability.

Increased long term reliability

If you've been into powersports long enough, whether it's motorcycles, ATVs, SxS, Snowmobiles, or personal watercraft, there is a good chance you've had a voltage regulator failure, often at a very inconvenient time.  We all know how frustrating this can be!  The solution to long-term reliability problems is often a MOSFET regulator upgrade. Heat buildup leading to internal component damage is the primary cause of voltage regulator failure.  A MOSFET regulator has much lower internal heat buildup due to their efficient operation, and can run at high power levels longer without failure.  For true peace of mind in your charging system, make the MOSFET regulator upgrade today!