Where to buy MOSFET regulators?

As with all powersports electronic parts, quality is king.  A quick search online will show you many MOSFET regulators to choose from, some from extremely low prices.  However, you get what you pay for with these kind of parts. The individual electrical components used in voltage regulators matter, as well as the construction quality.  A cheap transistor or diode or a poor quality solder joint inside the unit can leave you stranded fast! 

For high quality MOSFET regulators, RMSTATOR is your source.  RMSTATOR offers plug & play, OEM style MOSFET regulators for many popular applications, and has an excellent universal package to upgrade any powersports vehicle to a modern charging system.  Combine that quality with a 1 year warranty, and you have peace of mind wherever you ride.  Upgrade your regulator, and your ride with RMSTATOR!